Phone No.


Sri Gyana Das , OAS (SAG)Municipal Commissioner

Phone No. 0671-2308424
E Mail ID:-

Sri Bharat Chandra Behera, OAS(S)
Additional Commissioner-I

Phone No.
Mob:- 9437390497
E Mail ID-

Overall supervision of

  1. Grievance Redressal (Tollfree/ Bikash Bhawon Control Room)
  2. Works (refund of EMD/Security) as per delegation
  3. Central Library / AADHAAR / CUTSL / Town Bus
  4. SBM / NULM / Social Security Schemes under Project Section
  5. Jaundice Management Plan

Sri Suman Behera,OAS (S)
Additional Commissioner-II

Phone No. 0671-2308866

  1. Health & Sanitation/Assembly Questions
  2. Kalyan Mandop Licensing/Traffic Management Committee
  3. AAHAAR/ORTPSA/ 1st Appellate Authority for RTI
  4. Biju Bhawan Office maintenance

Sri Radha Krushna Rout,OAS (SB)
Deputy Commissioner-I-cum-Establishment Officer

Phone No. 0671-2308991
Mob:- 9438512233

  1. Holding Tax & Special Certificate Officer
  2. Reservation of Saheed Bhawan/Town Hall/Kalyan Mandap etc.
  3. Petrol Pump/Park & Plantation/Law
  4. Estate Officer
  5. Establishment (Non-LFS/Work charge/NMR,except Conservancy regular staff)

Mrs Nirupama Swain,OAS(SB)
Deputy Commissioner-II-cum-Slum Improvement Officer

Phone No. 0671-2312663
E Mail

  1. All Social Security Schemes
  2. SBM/NULM/NFSA/Urban Housing/CMRF
  3. Census/AAHAAR/AADHAAR/NPR/Relief matters

Sri Manoj Kumar Behera,OAS
Deputy Commissioner-III

Phone No.

  1. Council/Assembly Matters (Nodal Officer)
  2. Licence/Estate Officer
  3. Vehicle/Sworga Ratha/Ambulance Service
  4. General & Miscellaneous/Record Room
  5. Kala Sanskurti Sangha

Smt. Sarita Dhanwar,OAS
Deputy Commissioner-IV

Phone No.

  1. AMRUT and Reform measures
  2. E-Governance and ICT/Plan Plus Action Soft
  3. ICT components of SBM and other Projects
  4. GoI-UNDP Climate Change Programme
  5. Establishment(LFS/Gazetted/Conservancy) and Union Matters
  6. Marriage Registration

Smt Namita Biswal,OAS(SB)

Phone No.

  1. Survey & Land Matters
  2. New Toilet Construction (under all schemes)
  3. Enforcement & Eviction/Plastic Ban
  4. Election/Cattle Seizing/ Kine House

Smt Tilottama Sahoo,OAS
Recovery Officer

Phone No.

  1. PIO(RTI)
  2. Enforcement Squard for Hoardings,Plastic ban,Kalyan Mandap and other drives as would be assigned from time to time

Sri Ramakanta Nanda, OFS
Finance Officer

Phone No.0671-2308905
Mob:- 9437740417

  1. All Financial Matter
  2. DDO,Audit/UC matters etc.

Smt.Pusparani Tappo, OFS(JB),
Chief Audit Officer

Phone No.

All Audit/UC matters etc.

Dr.Pradipta Kumar Pradhan
I/C City Health Officer

Phone No. 0671-2308272
Mob:- 9437027115
E Mail,

Over all Supervision of

  1. Sanitation work of all CMC area.
  2. Slaughter House
  3. Vital Statistic
  4. Epidemic Control
  5. NFCP work
  6. Dispensaries
  7. Food Raid Activities
  8. Dogs Sterilization
  9. NFCP Bikash Bhawan Field Store
  10. Urban Slum Project

Sri Digambar Swain
Asst. Law Officer

Phone No. 0671-2308941
Mob:- 9437492255
E Mail ID-

  1. All legal matters of CMC
  2. Traffic Management Committee