Phone No.


Mr Gyana Das , OAS(S)
Municipal Commissioner

Phone No. 0671-2308424

E Mail ID-

Deputy Commissioner

Phone No.
E Mail ID-

1.Registrar, Hindu Marriage Regn.
2. First Appellate Authority under RTI
3. City Census OfficerAlleviation Programs
4. All establishment matters including Higher Secondary Education, GIS & Pension and DDO Higher Secondary Education
> He will submit the files to M.C.
> He will take over all charges except S.I.O. and Election Officer from Sri J.N.Kujur, OAS-I(SB), D.C.(U/s)

Slum Improvement Officer

Phone No. 0671-2312663
E Mail ID-

1. In-charge of all Poverty Alleviation Programs

Er. Umakanta Garnaik
City Engineer

Phone No. 0671-2334513
E Mail ID-

1. Administrative head of Engineering Wing and over all supervision of Engineering all works.

Bibhu Prasad Mishra
City Health Officer

Phone No. 0671-2308272
Mob:- 9437027115 / 9437020115
E Mail,       

Over all Supervision of

1. Sanitation work of all CMC area.
2. Municipal Solid Waste
3. Bio-medical Waste
4. Slaughter House
5. Vital Statistic
6. Epidemic Control
7. NFCP work
8. Dispensaries
9. Food Raid Activities
10. Dogs Sterilization
11. NFCP Bikash Bhawan Field Store.
12. Urban Slum Project
13. Polythene

Sri. Ajay Ku Sethy OFS - I (JB)
Finance Officer

Phone No.0671-2308905
Mob:- 9438296128
E Mail ID-

1. Cash & Accounts including Audit of accounts
2. Payment of OAP, NOAP & ODP
3. All Financial Matter
4. DDO except Primary & Upper Primary Establishment
> He will submit the files directly to M.C.

Statistical Officer

Phone No.0671-2308975
E Mail ID-

1.Statistical Affairs & Grievance Matter
2. Control Room
3. Town Bus Services
4. Cattle Seizing Operation
-------------------------------------------------------- > He will submit files to M.C. through D.C.

Sri. Dhiren Ku Prusty
Executive Engineer-I

Phone No. 0671-2303777
E Mail ID-

1. Overall supervision of Ward 28 to Ward 54 (Civil)
2. Overall supervision of Deployment of pump sets & its maintenance
3. All charges of Drainage & repair of pumps, mechanical works, maintenance of Sluice Gates near pump house.
4. Vehicles, machineries and other
mechanical works

Sri. Lalit Mohan Das  
Executive Engineer-II

Phone No. 0671-2334745
E Mail ID-

1. Overall supervision of Ward 1 to Ward-27
2. Over all supervision of electrical works, all PHD work including installation of Tube wells and its maintenance from Ward No.1 to 54